Damage report/ appraisal

Assessment of the yacht, preservation of evidence, determination of the cause of damage, extensive documentation and calculation of the costs.  We specify the repair route for proper and professional repair of the damage and calculate the costs.

  • Was the boat damaged while entering or exiting the water?

  • Has the boat been damaged due to misconduct by another boat?

  • Was there ground contact?

  • Has the boat been damaged by a storm or lightning strike?

Aquila Sailing investigates the incident and offers you a neutral, independent and professional basis for the damage settlement.

Our services relate both to 3rd party liability damage (the 3rd party that has caused the damage pays for the costs of the expert) and to comprehensive damage (the insurance company commissions the expert).

Purchase report / appraisal / valuation

Would you like to purchase a yacht? Are you about to buy your dream yacht? Have you informed yourself in detail but are not 100% sure about the price or the condition of the boat?

Then it is advisable to have your dream boat appraised by a qualified expert. The objective view helps you to avoid financial losses. Small defects that are presented as unproblematic by the seller can quickly have serious consequences and affect the safety of your boat and crew.

Our survey documents all defects and gives you an objective look on your boat.

On the basis of the survey significant savings can be achieved in the negotiation. In addition the appraisal helps to establish a good relationship between buyer and seller.

The purchase report includes an in-depth and comprehensive assessment of the boat with regard to its condition. In addition to the general assessment of the hull, deck, structure and technical equipment for defects and damage, the boat is also checked for seaworthiness and safety.

Inheritance valuation

Have you inherited a boat/yacht and want to know the value?  We are happy to help determine the value of the object. Based on an independent assessment we create an appraisal of the current condition of the boat and determine the current market value on the relevant date.

I am certified by TÜV Rheinland as a yacht expert for damage management and appraisals of yachts and recreational vessels and work closely together with numerous international yacht insurance companies.

I have a Master in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology as well as MBA from the Technical University Munich and possess the German Coastal Skipper licence since 1999 as well as the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore since 2022. Additionally I am a member of  the Royal Yachting Association. 

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