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Damage report

When sailing accidents can happen, whether on your own boat or on someone elses. To assess and regulate the damage usually a yacht expert comes into the game.  The assessment of the yacht serves on the one hand the preservation of evidence, on the other hand also the determination of the cause of damage and documentation (photos and other evidence, e.g. material samples) of the damage.  We work jointly with the selcted shipyard/wharf to determine the repair process and calculate the repair costs for the claims management with the insurance.

Typical situations:

  • Boat damaged when lifted in or out of the water

  • Boat damaged in a collision 

  • Boat caught in a gust of wind and pushed against another vehicle

  • Boat has hit ground whilst sailing

  • Damage to the boat and equipment from a storm or lightning strike

As an active sailor, I frequently see the damage happening inside and outside the marinas every day. With the right insurance  and the commissioning of a competent appraiser the problem can be quickly resolved.


Aquila Sailing  investigates the incident and offers you a neutralindependent and professional basis for damage repair by a shipyard and der claims settlement with the insurance.  Abroad this can quickly become quite complicated and time-consuming. We are your trustworthy partner in this process and take care of you and your boat.

Our services relate to both liability claims as well as comprehensive damage claims on your own boat.

Purchase report / appraisal

Would you like to purchase a yacht? Are you about to buy your dream yacht and have you informed yourself in detail? However, you are not 100% sure about the price or the condition of the boat?

Then you should get your boat appraised by Aquila Sailing. Our objective and professional eye will help you discover and assess defect quickly which can have serious impact on the safety of your boat and crew. 

In our report, the defects are transparently documented and financially evaluated. Based on the survey results significant savings can be achievd in the negotiation with the pre-owner. If you wish, we can conduct the negotiation on your behalf and will share the achieved savings.

You can see the survey process in the document below.

Inheritence valuation

Have you inherited a yacht or would you like to determine the value of your boat for a gift? We are happy to support you in the valuation of the boat. Based on an independent and objective assessment and the current condition of the boat the appraisal determines the current market value of the boat.

I am a graduate engineer for electrical engineering and information technology and graduate industrial engineer from the Technical University of Munich.

As TÜV Rheinland certified expert for damage and valuation of boats and yachts, I work together with numerous  yacht insurance companies.


In addition, I have the German skipper licences since 1999 and RYA Yachtmaster Offshore.

Next to our appraisal activities we also offer skipper training.

I am a member of the Royal Yachting Association and Trans Ocean Club.

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