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Yacht Consulting und Project Supervision of Client Yacht and Boat Refit Projects

Aquila Sailing accompanies you in the realization of your dreams.

Starting from your intended sailing destinations we define your requirements of the boat, discuss the appropriate boat type as well as the equipment in terms of safety and comfort and discuss what budget is available.

Aquila Sailing  supports you with the search and preselection of the yachts and accompanies you at the inspection and valuation. On request we can also condcut thenegotiation and manage the administrative tasks, such as registration, etc. of your boat. 

Our specialization are sailing yachts up to 72 feet.

I have actively sailed for more than 35 years in many regions of the world. Every region has its own characteristics. Therefore it is important to define the specific requirements of your boat with regards to its intended usage and sailing region. When buying a used boat defects are often very difficult to discover. Through our experience and systematic assessment as well as the usage of professional testing instruments the problem areas can be quickly identified and documented. In this process we also test the functionality of all aggregates and systems and ensure that they work reliably and safely.


As a qualified M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, MBA and  TÜV trained and certified expert my surveys give you the perfect basis for the final negotiations. We have noticed that many buyers feel uncomfortable negotiating with the pre-owners. Therefore we offer to conduct the negotiation on your behalf and share the savings afterwards.

We guarantee the highest quality our reports and surveys and are insured for any legal dispute. This way you are always on the safe side.


What are your plans for the next sailing season?

If you are interested, we look forward to receiving a short message from you. We usually organize our initial consultation by video conference. However it is very important to get to know the clients personally as quickly as possible. Buying a boat is a very personal and emotional process and we therefore want to ensure that your are supported in the best possible way.

What are you dreaming of?

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