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Yachts prefer to be deliverd on water...




Aquila Sailing will safely deliver your sailing yacht worldwide.

An experienced skipper and hand-picked team will take care of the transfer of your boat (24-72 feet) on water. 

How do yacht deliveries work?

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What does a yacht delivery cost?

The costs are made up as follows:

1. Processing fee depending on the route and length of the yacht transfer.  The organization and composition of the team, ongoing support and all preparatory and follow-up work are included.


2. Standard daily rate for the skipper and team from € 250. However, we charge 180 € for port days (e.g. postponement due to bad weather). Do you prefer a flat rate? We would be happy to make you a corresponding offer.

3. Other costs

  • Meals: 15 € / day and crew member

  • Crew travel expenses are kept to a minimum

  • Fuel / diesel: emissions and costs are kept as low as possible 

  • Mooring fees: We know the best and most secure ports on the route and will find a good solution for you 

  • Co-Skipper: Sometimes an additional paid co-skipper makes sense

In the case of boat transfers, the price includes:

  • Weather and trip advice with routing software 

  • Nautical charts, harbor guides and almanacs for the route

  • The skipper brings mobile navigation software with him

  • Satellite communication for ocean cruises

  • Crew guarantee - if a crew member is absent, we will provide a replacement

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