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Why is autumn the best time of the year to buy a yacht?

If you're wondering what's the best time to buy a boat, there's no better time than autumn. Why this is so, you will find out in this article....

Boat and autumn this sounds at first like a contradiction, because the days are getting shorter again, the temperature goes down and it rains more often. In short, the sailing season is about to end.

However, autumn has a fundamental significance for the yachting industry. Because this is the time when all important boat shows take place worldwide. From Genoa to Cannes, Palma and numerous in-house shows in all major marinas on the Mediterranean, North Sea and Baltic Sea. For the exhibitors this is the time to get in contact with interested buyers and their own dealers, to fill the order books and to secure the production planning for the next years.

For many friends of the sea, finally becoming the owner of a sailing or motor yacht is a previously unfulfilled dream of a life of luxury or a sporting challenge. But often it is not so easy to find one's way in this jungle of offers. Because the boat market is very intransparent and plays in a different price class.

Choosing the right yacht is not easy. Of course, the question immediately arises whether it has to be a new yacht or perhaps a used one? What will the yacht be used for? Which area should be considered? How much experience do I have with heavy weather and tides? Without a proven boat expert you are quickly lost and the dream will never become reality.

We don't want to go into the fact that besides the purchase price, the buyer will have to pay a number of additional costs, such as mooring fees, insurance, repairs and maintenance. These should nevertheless be taken into account when buying a boat.

But if you've really decided to become a boat owner, now is the time to strike in the fall!

Especially for the purchase of a new yacht, the boat shows are the ideal time to enter into discussions with the suppliers and to inform yourself about the possible dream boat. Here the new models are presented and one can look at and feel different manufacturers, models, equipment and variants. Often it is even possible to test the boats in the water, which is certainly also a very important factor in the decision.

But there is another reason why autumn is the ideal time to buy a yacht. Away from the hustle and bustle of the vacations, you can make good use of the rainy season to configure your boat and personalize it according to your wishes. This brings the boat a little closer to your own dreams.

If you have decided to buy a used yacht for various reasons, then autumn is also the ideal time. Because at the end of the sailing season two important things happen:

1. some boat owners want to buy a new boat and therefore want to sell their existing boat as soon as possible to save the effort and costs of winter storage. This is the perfect time to strike and make some real bargains.

2) Other boat owners are forced to sell their boat for health or financial reasons or due to a separation/divorce. Here, too, you can find some real pearls, well-maintained and top-equipped yachts at a very interesting price.

In both scenarios you benefit from the fact that both sales are time-critical and therefore you have an optimal negotiating position. In fact, many buyers don't even think that now is the best time to buy, so the number of competitors willing to buy is often surprisingly low. This further increases your chances of getting a good deal now.

If you have already chosen the manufacturer, model and variant, you can start looking for your dream boat on the many Internet portals or at yacht brokers. If you have not yet completed this process, but definitely know that you want to buy a boat, then you can speed up the whole process by involving a professional and still get everything ready for the next sailing season this year.

At Aquila Sailing, we specialize in just that and are happy to guide you in making your dream come true. This starts with your desire to buy a sailing yacht. We translate your dream together with you and define the budget, possible boat types, manufacturers, size, models and equipment options. The next step is the search of available boats on the market on online search portals but also in our worldwide network of yacht brokers and dealers. Once we have filled our "Long List", we will define, together with you, the 3 boats that we will put on the "Short List". These are the boats that we will visit and inspect together. Once the right boat is found, we can also do the negotiation for you if you wish. As soon as the purchase is completed, we will also take care of the administrative matters of registration, re-registration and, if necessary, transfer of your yacht to its new home port.

What do you think is the best time to buy a boat? I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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